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The members of Breastfeeding Hawaii (BFH) and the Executive Board, has provided this website for informational purposes only.  The website links, informational pages etc. shall not be used for treatment nor diagnostic purposes.  It is up to the reader to investigate and affirm how the information is used.  Every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the material contained within the website is accurate and current.  Breastfeeding Hawaii does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information within the website. 

Website Links and contact information contained within this webiste are provided as a service to you. Breastfeeding Hawaii is not responsible for websites that are not managed or controlled, and will make every attempt to include websites that will provide the most relevant information.  

BFH, will within reason all measures to protect our website.  We will not guarantee that any files available for downloading will be free of damaging or destructive properties such as computer viruses or trojans.

Users of BFH's website is responsible to take any and all reasonable precautions to protect their computers and infrastructure.

Our website, is provided without implied or expressed warranties and will not be liable for any decision or accomodation made or action taken by the user of this website from information provided by this website.


Privacy Policy

Breastfeeding Hawaii respects the privacy of all users of this website; and will not collect names, email address, any and all personal information unless it is voluntarily provided.  Breastfeeding Hawaii will not share any personal information to other parties to include other users of the website or any third party.


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Pictures generously loaned to publish on the Breastfeeding Hawaii Website is the sole property of ther person(s) listed below the picture.  Rita Coury has gracisously allowed us the use of her photos on the website.  Any reproduction, distribution of Rita Coury's pictures is prohibited without the express written consent of Rita Coury (Rita Coury Photography).  


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The Following Terms of the Privacy Policy applies to all visitors of the Breastfeeding Hawaii Website.  Please at your convenience, read the entire Privacy Policy.  By opening and accessing this website you willfully agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as specified.

The Executive Board of Breastfeeding Hawaii reserves the right to change any terms or conditions at any time at its own discretion without notice. 


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